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Welcome to the Texas Southern University My TSU Web Portal

This secure site provides students with single sign-on access to world-class online services.
 Logging into the My TSU Web Portal
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Standard Formula
User Name

All User Names are formulated using the following standard:

<<first initial>> + . + <<first 14 characters of last name>> + <<last 4 digits of student ID>>

John Doe (T00001234): j.doe1234

Jane Smitherson-Johnson (T00002345): j.smitherson-joh2345

 My TSU Mail Is Official TSU Email
Your email address is <your user name>@student.tsu.edu. This is your official TSU email address and replaces Tiger Mail. Your email address will be the same as the User Name; for example:
  • John Doe’s email address would be j.doe1234@student.tsu.edu
  • Jane Smitherson-Johnson’s email address would be j.smitherson-joh2345@student.tsu.edu
Please note that all official TSU email correspondence is sent to your My TSU Mail email address. By logging into the My TSU Web Portal, you are acknowledging your official My TSU Mail email address. After logging into the portal, click the Email link in the toolbar to access your email.

 What's Inside?
  • My TSU Web Student Self Service: check financial aid, register for courses, check your grades, etc.
  • Google Apps: Google Gmail (Email), Google Talk / Chat, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Home Page, etc.
  • Blackboard: Course Management.
  • News & Links: useful news and links, such as local weather and traffic, news, etc.

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